STAFFRENT is one of the leading personnel outstaffing agencies in the Baltic States and Western Europe, specializing in the hiring of middle and senior staff in various professional fields and sectors of the economy since 2013. Over the years of productive work, we have helped more than 600 companies optimize their work by reducing the burden on the HR department, as well as minimizing tax and personnel costs.

We are equally attentive to the personnel needs of our clients and to the career growth of our candidates. Thanks to an individual approach and deep professional knowledge, our consultants build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients and candidates. We successfully operate in all sectors of the economy in which we specialize, as well as in all regions of presence.

We don’t just fill vacancies, we tailor tailor-made solutions to meet your needs, from highly qualified recruitment to highly specialized labor market reports.

STAFFRENT clients get the opportunity to:

  • Promptly fill the personnel shortage with motivated employees in the required quantity for the required period – without registering of temporary workers, without checking their qualifications, without additional costs for guaranteed social benefits.
  • Quickly reduce the number of full-time employees of the enterprise, depending on seasonal, market changes in the volume of work. Getting rid of the problems of line worker turnover by unloading the personnel department.
  • Reduce payroll obligations.

In the current economic realities, attracting personnel from an outsourcing company is an effective way to solve the staffing of companies. Partnering with STAFFRENT agency eliminates the risks of providing low-quality personnel, allowing the organization to develop freely without spending money on secondary work processes.